Last night we went out to dinner at the Woodstock Inn. The Woodstock Inn was having a Story and Stew night, where we wold be eating stew and there were two story readers. We were surprised to find there was no stew but the stories were pleasant. We both had chicken tenders that cane with vegetables and mashed potatoes. We both had different desserts which we both did enjoy. The Woodstock seemed to be filled with more of the older generation and did not seem that kids our age, high school students would come here.Visit their website here!

Yasmeen’s Dessert: For dessert I had a slice of Tiramisu cake. It was my first time ever trying tiramisu, but it was delightful. If you’ve never had it before it has a nice coffee taste to it and nice creamy frosting. This cake in my opinion made up for the fact there was no stew at dinner. I wish I was able to have another slice of cake.

Meghan’s Dessert: I decided to get the chocolate raspberry mousse for dessert. I would describe the mousse as being rich, sweet and creamy. I was disappointed that there was no stew at dinner, and I was really looking forward to eating it. The chicken I had was pretty good and the vegetables I had on my plate were great.

Food/drink: 8.5/10

Environment: 8.5/10

Service: 10/10

Location: 94 Plaine Hill Rd, Woodstock, CT 06281



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