For lunch we decided to try something different and we ordered take out from George’s Bakery. This bakery serves up a plethora of Syrian food that gives you a glimpse of Syrian culture and food. When you first walk in you are hit with a mix of different smells from the endless walls stacked with fresh baked dishes. While there is no place to sit down to eat and the atmosphere takes a little getting used to it is amazing to see another culture’s style of food. Find out more here!

What did we get: We ordered a bunch of different dishes including stuffed squash, mini meat pies, naan bread, and a spinach and cheese pie. We tried everything, but the stuffed squash and although it was great to try another cultures food, we have to admit we weren’t a huge fan of the meat pies or spinach and cheese pie. The spinach in the other pie was very sour, which is how it is supposed to taste, but it is an acquired taste. However, I thought the naan bread was delicious! It was like pita bread and was nice and light after a week filled with heavy foods. The two women who gave us our food were so helpful and very friendly. They gave us a little insight into their culture and were very patient with our large group!

Food/Drinks: 8/10

Environment: 8/10

Service: 10/10

Location: 308 Grafton Street, Worcester MA



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