A Week in Review: Our favorite’s

Looking back in the week we gave tried dozens of different dishes all unique from one another. However, here is a look at our favorite places and dishes that we had this week:

Coming in at #1: ARMSBY ABBEY’S with their Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese! The chicken left Yasmeen in tears… its better to cry over chicken than over a guy! The Mac and cheese was LIFE CHANGING and we will just leave it at that.

Coming in close 2nd: Sweet Evalina’s pizza was SPECTACULAR! This pizza can cure the worst of breakups and is more loyal than any guy!

Our 3rd Favorite: Our Father’s Table… One word to describe this outstanding breakfast place is CARDIO because unless you’re Yasmeen after you eat one pancake you will more stuffed than the teddy bear your ex gave you for Valentine’s Day!  

Honorable Mentions: Victoria Station…. Jessica Tuesday’s…… BirchTree Bread Company

This week we not only died and went to heaven because of all the amazing foods we tried, but we made many lasting memories… even though we didn’t get stew at the STEW and story. Although the stew stood us up like that guy you were supposed to meet at the movies…. we got to try so many different foods that make up for it!



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