Today for breakfast we went to Our Father’s Table in Thompson, CT. When we first walked in we immediately felt as if we were at home, as the atmosphere was extremely welcoming and homey! We decided to get a short stack of their French Toast with a side of home fries and two pancakes with some sausage.

Yasmeen’s Breakfast favorite: Today I tried the short stack French Toast with a side of home fries. The French Toast was two big slices of Texas Toast, cut in half to make four. I do wish there was at least one more slice but, overall the French Toast was incredible. The home fries were perfectly cooked and seasoned. I will say I left completely full after that breakfast.

Meghan’s Breakfast Favorite: Today I ordered two buttermilk pancakes and a side of sausage. First, let me preface this by saying the pancakes are HUGE, they took up the entire plate. So for those of you who are thinking I can eat two pancakes no problem…. think again. However, the pancakes were delicious. They were thick and fluffy, but they weren’t overly dense. The sausage was a little cold and dry, but the pancakes took the spot light in the end. At the end of breakfast I was left feeling EXTREMELY full and satisfied!

Food/Drinks: 9/10

Environment:  10/10

Service: 10/10

Location: 1020 Riverside Dr, North Grosvenor Dale, CT 06255


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