For lunch today we visited Jessica Tuesday’s in Putnam, CT! We decided to order two turkey sandwiches and a chocolate chip cookie. We also had strawberry lemonade to drink along with them. Jessica Tuesday’s is perfect for anything from enjoying lunch outside with friends or settling inside to do some homework. The atmosphere is cozy yet modern and unique. We even got the chance to meet the owner, Jessica and she was not only welcoming, but she also accommodated to the size of our party very well! All of the waitresses were also super patient and friendly.

Yasmeen’s Thoughts: The turkey sandwich was absolutely phenomenal! The sandwich was called “Premium Turkey,” I didn’t have any cheese or tomatoes on my sandwich and it was still delicious. The chocolate chip cookie was soft and freshly baked. I would definitely go back to Jessica Tuesday’s again some day. You should too!!

Meghan’s Thoughts:  I ordered my turkey sandwich without any mayo or tomato and I have to say it was incredible. I am pretty picky when it comes to my deli meats, but the turkey was super fresh and surpassed my expectations. The bread on the sandwich also tasted fresh and was not hard. The strawberry lemonade that they gave us to drink was delicious and you can tell it was homemade. There was fresh mint and strawberries that made even more enjoyable! For more information find their website here!

Food/Drinks: 10/10

Environment: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Location: 35 Main Street Putnam, CT 06260



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