Armsby Abbey located in Worcester, MA is a unique restaurant that welcomes you with amazing food and service. Our two favorite dishes were the fried chicken and the mac and cheese.

Yasmeen’s Favorite: The fried chicken was hands down a 11 out of 10 as it was flavorful, crispy, and juicy. It was so amazing it had me in actual tears. The outside was crispy and a little salty but, still somehow sweet. The actual chicken was to die for it was not too under cooked and not too over cooked, it was just right. I will say I had an emotional time eating that one chicken leg.

Meghan’s Favorite: The mac and cheese was a life altering, world stopping, ground shaking experience. When I first tried it I was absolutely speechless (literally) because it was so cheesy and AMAZING!!!!!!!! You have not lived  until you have tried this mac and cheese, I can now officially say I have seen the other side.

Shout out to the Chef  Damian Evangelous!!! 

Check out their website here!

Food/Drinks: 10/10

Environment: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Location: 144 Main Street Worcester, MA 01608



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